Polypropylene Pumps

POLY PROPLENE PUMPS Vertical Gland Less/ Seal Less Pumps, Similar in hydraulic design to any conventional centrifugal pump, it differ in, so far as restriction is provided , escaple by way of an overflow Connection in the upper pump body & return to the suction line
Maintenance free

  • Zero Maintenance pump, eliminates the need for seal and Gland Packing.
  • Leak proof and can run dry without damage of rotating parts.
  • Poly proplene Pump is seal less hance can run dry.
  • Minimum components makes maintenance easy.
  • P P Pump to be mounted out side the suction tank in vertical position and not be submerged.
  • Preferred selection for E.T.P because of seal less design.

P P Pumps are ideally recommended for treated effluent.

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