Non Metallic Pumps

Non Metallic pumps are made up of matreial like Polyropylene, PPH,PVDF,PFA. these are corrosion resistant pumps and mostiy used in chemical industries.

Application of Non Metallic Pumps :

  • Dyes & Inermediates industries
  • Effluent Teratment Plants
  • Alkalies & Atomic Power Station
  • Paint industries
  • Hydro & Atomic Power Station
  • Picture Tube Industries
  • Pharamaceutical Plants
  • Steel Re-rolling Plants
  • Acid Regeneration Plants
  • Chemical Industires
Non Metallic Pumps Temperature Resistance:

  • PP Upto 60`C
  • PVDF Upto 120`C
  • PPH Upto100`C
  • PFA Upto 200`C

Non Metallic Pumps

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