Fluid Transfer Pumps.

Fluid Transfer Pumps Operating Range:

  • Capacity : up to 40 m3 /hr
  • Head : up to 48 hrs
  • Size : 25 mm to 65 mm
  • Temperature : 80oC
  • Speed : up to 3500 rpm
  • Pressure : up to 5 Kg/cm
  • M.O.C : C.I, C.S., SS-304/304L SS 316/316 L, Bronze, Alloy-20, CD4MCU, Hast alloy B & C, etc

Fluid Transfer Pumps Applications:

  • Organic /inorganic chemicals volatile liquids, corrosive chemicals caustics process, effluent, filter press, slurry application
  • Pharmaceutical, dyes, textiles, kerosene, diesel and other solvents
  • ETP, STP & waste water treatment plant, fertilizers, cement and steel industries
  • For pumping chemicals, with solids in suspension polluted liquids widely used for public and civil engineering
  • Paper and pulp industries

Fluid Transfer Pumps Features:

  • Smaller Volume Using less floor space
  • Grease /Oil lubricant bearing
  • Temp. up to 120oC
  • Suitable With V-belt Drive or direct coupled with a motor
  • A heavy duty shaft ,sturdy construction ,simple design ,back pull out design
  • micro metric wears adjustable facility hence,works at constant head for a longer period
  • Non-clogging and handles solids up to 10 mm
  • Direction is clockwise from a drive end
Fluid Transfer Pumps

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