Centrifugal S.S Pumps

Centrifugal S.S Pumps Application:
For handling aggressive organic & inorganic fluids in the chemical & petrochemical industries, these Centrifugal S.S Pumps are also used at refinery off-site, paper & pulp industries, food industries, Sugar industries. sea water desalinates, plants, Absorption plants in environmental engineering. power stations, laminates industries. textiles industries. Rubber industries, handling of hydrocarbons, D.M. water, salt, power stations and in industries such as fertilizer and other process industries etc.

Centrifugal S.S Pumps Special Features:
Modular construction, high interchangeability, fast delivery, Versatile shaft sealing arrangement, gland packing as a standard arrangement and option to use mechanical seal

Process type design results in minimum downtime. back pull - out design enabling easier removfal for inspection and maintenance. cliosed impeller ensures high efficiency for a long period operation. pump comes in 3 bearing resulting in continuous process work high productivity, bigger shaft and bearing size sturdy design.

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Centrifugal S.S Pumps

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